What we do

Basil Data’s support is curated to measure and optimize your specific impact. Our goal is to get you started and comfortable with using data to understand and maximize the positive outcomes for your stakeholders. In order for you to focus on making a difference in your community, you need a partner that can help prove your efforts are fruitful. Basil Data is that partner.

Impact Measurement Workshops



Taking the first step with impact measurement is often the most difficult. Our workshops are offered to social enterprises, accelerators and capacity building foundations and can adjust to your needs. Each workshop is low cost and can be in-person or virtual. We maintain flexibility in order to encourage you to get started. 

Discovery and Strategy

We all want to be sure we are making a difference – for our community, our environment and our neighbors. That’s often easier said than done. We will work with your team to create the best strategy for your mission and ensure ongoing management of your performance.

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Evaluation and Data Collection


Ensuring  the right data is collected and managing it appropriately are the keys to successful evaluation. We use our data expertise to implement the best strategy to gather impact data. Resources, timeline and future maintenance are all considered in order to successfully measure your impact now and as you continue to grow.

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Analysis and Data Visualization


The best way to tell your impact story is to start with a clear understanding of the data. This is where we shine. We will help you extract pertinent information and effectively visualize the findings. Whether you need internal performance dashboards or an impact report for your investors, Basil can provide thorough analysis and dynamic visualizations so your data can be used most effectively.


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