Impact and Data Collection Strategy


Ensuring  the right data is collected and managing it appropriately are the keys to successful evaluation. We use our data expertise to implement the best strategy to gather impact data. Resources, timeline and future maintenance are all considered in order to successfully measure your impact now and as you continue to grow.

Impact Data Strategy


At Basil Data we believe your impact objectives and measurement strategy should be based on the opportunity to actively use the insights gained in order to improve your outcomes.

A deep understanding of the problem, gathering beneficiary feedback, and setting thoughtful objectives are key preliminary steps in a successful impact strategy. Basil Data gets you started on the right path to minimize the hurdles as you execute.


Data Collection


Both for-profit and nonprofit social enterprises benefit from a consistent data collection strategy. However, often the resources are scarce and data expertise is limited. Our data collection framework simplifies the approach in order to get started quickly. Even small amounts of thoughtful data can provide important insights.