Impact Discovery 

We all want to maximize the positive impact for our community, our environment and our neighbors. That’s often easier said than done. We will work with your resources to create the strategy that best fits your mission.


Impact Data Workshop


The Impact Data Workshop is your introduction to impact measurement with data. We cater our workshops to the audience – whether a team within a single organization or multiple organizations working on a similar problem, we adapt to your needs. 

Our goal is to ensure each organization understands the basics of impact measurement and how to define your primary beneficiaries. Our workshop activities allow you to frame your outcomes through a data-focused lens.

Click below to download our Impact Data Workshop one pager.

Importance of impact measurement

Separating outputs and outcomes

Stakeholder identification

Creating an impact statement with real metrics

Impact Discovery Sprint


The Impact Discovery Sprint is a strategy development collaboration between our team and yours, focused on maximizing your resources and optimizing your key programs.

Our goal is to quickly get your team comfortable with impact measurement and management. We give you the confidence to communicate your impact objectives to donors and begin measuring your outcomes with appropriate data.

Click below to download our Impact Discovery Process one pager.

Theory of change

Current state research

Impact opportunity report

Stakeholder definition

Metric development