Recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation released their annual Goalkeepers Report. In which, they provide a collection of data and stories covering the UN’s 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. This year’s report focuses on Inequality, Health and Well-being, Digital Inclusion and Climate Adaptation. Similar to the past, the tone is uplifting, but the content can be perplexing and at times somber. The stories are motivating and personal. The data is thoughtful and enticing.

The report itself flows like a picture book. You are able to learn about years’ worth of research by simply stopping on the charts and figures (although I recommend reading it as well). It starts with a thorough yet engaging summary of inequality and the hurdles many people face. The first story, “Examining Inequality” provides an important visual outlining the role that geography, gender and race can play in success (i.e. the privilege that I, as a white male born in a rich country live with but at times have trouble putting into words). The other stories throughout the report – covering subsidized cooking gas in India as well as adapting farms to droughts in Ethiopia – are a beautiful way to describe the setbacks these countries and populations face. The report ends by providing us with a sense of progress and optimism, a series of data visuals displaying the trends the Foundation has worked so hard to improve.

At the risk of sounding like I’m reviewing a novel, Bill and Melinda Gates have provided insight into our world in a way that is easy to read and well researched. I encourage everyone to take a break from Netflix this evening and take a glimpse at the report. Even if it’s just to look at the pictures.

2019 Goalkeepers Report

Jeff (Founder at Basil)